Question of the Fortnight

In September 2017 we introduced a ‘Question of the Fortnight’ which is displayed at the entrance to the nursery. This allows us to ask parents/carers for their input. So far we have asked questions:

Do you know who your child’s key person is?

Do you feel staff and management are approachable when sharing concerns?

Do you understand how and why we plan for your child?

Are you interested in attending our parent forums?

By asking questions in this way, it enables parents/carers to give their opinions anonymously and allows us to then evaluate particular practices and develop to meet the needs of our families.

Learning Snap Shots

Every child at some point in 2 week period will be a ‘Focus child’. Key people will carry out detailed observations on the ‘focus child’ and record what the children are learning. This information is displayed on a Learning Snap Shot Sheet. These are then shared with the parents with ideas on how further learning can be supported at home. Key people use these observations and assessments they have made to inform their planning for the child. This system supports us in closely monitoring children’s progress in their learning and development.

Parent Forum

Parents/carers views and contributions to the nursery are really important to us.

We have established a Parent Forum since 2014 who meet every 6-8 weeks, everyone is welcome. You do not have to attend every meeting. We discuss the nursery and our involvement in your children’s development and learning and sometimes there is cake too!

Following suggestions made by parents when asked how the forum could be made more accessible to parents, we have bought the time of the meetings forward, offer a Creche facility and share agenda’s prior to meeting taking place. At a forum in Sept 16, we had a guest speaker from the Children Centre who came along and talked about early language development. At our most recent (March 17) we had Sarah from the children centre who talked to us about the Solihul parenting approach and behaviour management.

Annual Parent Survey

Each year we send out a parent survey. Parents/carers are encouraged to share their feedback on topics relevant to the nursery and provide suggestions for improvement. Since our last survey, we are working on Sharing Learning at home. We are in the process of introducing Learning Snap shots within the rooms then sharing this along with suggestions on how parents/carers can build and extend learning at home.