“My daughter has been at Tic Tocs since she was 9 months old and is currently in the pre school room. She loves her time at pre school and has made firm friendships with the children and the staff, particularly with her key worker. She has learnt so much recently at Tic Tocs including phonics, numbers and how to write her letters. She regularly gets the opportunity to express herself through arts and crafts and is always encouraged by the staff to try new things. Throughout her time at Tic Tocs she has grown so much in confidence and is well prepared for starting school next year.” Pre-school Parent, Dec 2016

“Tic Tocs is an absolutely brilliant nursery. It is clean, welcoming and well run.  The staff are amazing and take a vested interest in all of the children and all aspects of their well being. As a parent you are kept well informed of your child’s progress and are confident they are being well cared for, including receiving superb nutritious meals. My son has attended for two years now and absolutely loves it, he has a really special bond with his key worker and has come on leaps and bounds since he has been there.  I can not praise Tic Tocs enough.” – Cubs Parent, Feb 2017

“We have been using TicTocs for the past 5 years and honestly cannot fault it. It is a fantastic nursery with friendly, competent staff who’s care and attention is exceptional. It is a professional, clean and well organised nursery with great home cooked food and a wide variety of activities for all ages. Our children have been extremely happy there and we would highly recommend them.” – Butterflies Parent, Feb 2017 

“My son has been attending Tic Tocs since he’d just turned 1 and has absolutely loved his first two years there. As he’s progressed through the rooms, the care and attention he’s been given has been fantastic and he’s formed wonderful relationships with the staff and made excellent friends. I admit, I was terrified of leaving him to begin with, but the settling in process was perfect and I knew that he would be having a wonderful day while I was at work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tic Tocs to anyone.” – Cubs Parent, Feb 2017

“My little boy has been going to Tic Tocs since he was 9 Months old. Although initially going back work scared me, I didn’t want leave my son, I soon realised that he was so happy in his new surroundings and how lovely all the staff are. He has now been here 3 and a half years and I can firmly say I’ve never thought about changing his nursery.  The love, support and nurturing that the girls offer is phenomenal. I couldn’t have taught half what he has been taught here. 
I call the staff my friends, and not just members of staff at the nursery. If I have ever had concerns or problems, they’ve helped me with them straight away. He is growing up to be an intelligent, loving, hardworking little boy and credit has to be given to all at Tic Tocs, I couldn’t be more thankful. ” Pre-school Parent, Feb 2017